moto2 / Kiefer: “They got more experience & learned a lot”

Leopard Racing team manager Stefan Kiefer gives us the past weekend’s race analysis, looking at Kent and Oliveira’s improvements.

The Italian Grand prix returned a smile and air of confidence to the Leopard Racing team. Struggling somewhat with their new adventure in the intermediate class, and above all with the Kalex bike which their opponents already have great experience with, the team, guided by Stefan Kiefer, are finding their feet step by step. After the strong result of Oliveira in France and in Italy, as well as Kent’s return to form in Mugello, they were able to bring home more points despite the difficult circumstances:

“Coming from Le Mans we expected, especially from Miguel, to have a good weekend here in Mugello. He, and also Danny, in Mugello have had really good results in the past and also in the last year. Miguel was struggling a little bit during practice, a little bit with himself maybe. What he told us was he was pushing a little too much in the wrong points.

At the same time with Danny we were happy that he was coming back a little from the bad race which he had in Le Mans and also in Jerez and in Austin. We were happy that he was coming back even though he had the flu, he wasn’t in top condition with his body. Finally I think he did a good job and that was shown in FP3 when he was running in fourth. We knew we had a good race setting for the race on both sides.

Finally okay, in Qualifying we were a little disappointed with 18th and 21st but we knew we were stronger in the race because a lot of the guys did Qualifying with the soft tyre, which we didn’t need. We were doing the whole thing on the number three tyre and we knew we were closer in the race to the top riders. Finally that happened. It was a bit of a mess during the race with the two stops but finally I think with 13th and 14th it wasn’t so bad for these guys to end in the points. I think they learned a lot. Speaking with them after the race I think they got more experience and learned a bit better how to act in the first corner, in the first lap compared to Moto3. I think they have more aggression and I think we did a small step in the right direction. We’re happy to go to Barcelona and make some more progress.”


Photo credit: Leopard Racing