tcr / Leopard Racing bring a third car to Oschersleben

The TCR International Series returns to Oschersleben’s Motorsport Arena for the second time in two years, the event set to be even more dramatic with three Leopard Racing cars ready to compete.

Built in 1997 before being modified a decade later, the circuit has always been a favourite of of Touring Car drivers due to its unique layout. The modern track offers several overtaking chances and door-to-door battles are common, always a thrill for the German crowd.

The older layout, including the smoother “esses” at the end of the pit straight instead of the sharper left, will be used this year. This change has been brought in to avoid the risk of a pile up at the start while encouraging more overtaking.

Support for Jean-Karl Vernay in his fight for the TCR International Series title will reach a maximum as Leopard Racing will field a third Volkswagen Golf GTI car for the event. Jaap van Lagen is set to complete the line-up for this event alongside regulars Vernay and Rob Huff. The Dutchman has already raced in the team’s colours this year in Monza, when replacing Britain’s Huff. An engine issue in race one prevented him from showing his potential.

The Balance of Performance list has been heavily revised in order to improve the working conditions of tyres and brakes. The running weight of every model has been reduced by either 10 or 20 kilos, the team looking to make the most of these changes.

Track activity will run over two days: two Free Practice sessions and the Qualifying on Saturday, with both races on Sunday.



Motorsport Arena Oschersleben – 3.66 km (local time, GMT +2)

Saturday, July 8th
09:15/09:45 – Free Practice 1
12:00/12:30 – Free Practice 2
15:00/15:35 – Qualifying (Q1 + Q2)

Grids: determined by Qualifying results (Q1+Q2) with top-10 reversed for Race 2

Sunday, July 9th
12:35 – Race 1 (17 laps)
14:35 – Race 2 (17 laps)


Drivers’ Classification

1 – A. Tassi 151 p.
2 – R. Colciago 145 p.
3 – J.K. Vernay 138 p.
4 – S. Comini 126 p.
5 – P. Oriola 109 p.
6 – D. Borković 82 p.
7 – J. Nash 74 p.
8 – D. Kajaia 59 p.
9 – F. Vervisch 53 p.
10 – H. Valente 46 p.
15 – R. Huff 27 p.


Teams’ Classification

1 – M1RA 308 p.
2 – Lukoil Craft-Bamboo 229 p.
3 – Comtoyou Racing 185 p.
4 – Leopard Racing WRT 169 p.
5 – GE-Force 143 p.