cycling news / Leopard takes on Arno Wallaard Memorial & Tour de Bretagne

The Leopard Pro Cycling team enters an exciting weekend. The team have been looking forward to the Arno Wallaard Memorial for quite a while, as this race in the Netherlands marks the comeback of German Jan Dieteren in the peloton. After the Arno Wallaard Memorial, the teams continues its way to western France for the Tour de Bretagne.

Roster Arno Wallaard Memorial (22.4): Jan Brockhoff, Jan Dieteren, Alexander Krieger, Aksel Nõmmela, Gaëtan Pons, Szymon Rekita, Jens Reynders & Laurent Vanden Bak – DS: Markus Zingen

The Arno Wallaard Memorial is a well-known race on the UCI Continental calendar. Altough the race can be described as the flattest of all, one should recognize the danger of the crosswinds, especially as the peloton will be racing over the famous Dutch dikes for quite some time. This tough race starts with two big loops around Meerkerk that cover already 152 kilometers of the race. The final 31,5 kilometers will be ridden on a local circuit that has to be covered five times. All in all, a high pace is to be expected and it would be no surprise if the bunch will split into several echelons. One can say that the Arno Wallaard Memorial is not an easy day to have your comeback in the peloton, knows also Jan Dieteren. The German will have his first official race kilometers after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer early 2016.

Jan Dieteren: “I am looking forward to the Arno Wallaard Memorial, to have my long-awaited comeback. The past year has not been that easy for me. Especially getting back into shape was very difficult and asked for a lot of patience. I am happy to be racing again, I already joined the team in the early season training camp. For the remainder of the season I just want to get used to the racing pace and I hope to be supportive to the team. I want to progress every race and get my old strengths back in the long term.”

Roster Tour de Bretagne (25.4-1.5): Jan Brockhoff, Carmelo Foti, Alexander Krieger, Aksel Nõmmela, Gaëtan Pons & Szymon Rekita – DS: Tom Flammang

From the 25th of April to the first of May, the Leopard Pro Cycling team will race the Tour de Bretagne. In seven days the race will cover the entire Bretagne region, offering the riders an alternating course. As this race is one of the most challenging events of the season, one can expect a very demanding task for all riders.

The race will start next Monday in Rennes with a difficult stage to Merdrignac where the peloton will face five climbs in the final fifty kilometers. A final like in the opening stage can also be found in all other stages this week, as every single stage will have a finish after a few local laps with a climb in it. Altough the Tour de Bretagne will not be easy, the team is very motivated to – once again – go for a top result, following earlier top results at the Tour of Rhodes, the Tour de Normandie and Le Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux.

Stages Tour de Bretagne 2017