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With a traditional 2,3 kilometers long prologue in the streets of Luxembourg City, the Skoda Tour de Luxembourg will have its start tomorrow. Weeks of preparation and now it all comes down to these most important days of the season

ROSTER: Jan Brockhoff, Alexander Krieger, Pit Leyder, Gaëtan Pons, Szymon Rekita, Jens Reynders & Mario Spengler – DS: Gregor Willwohl & Markus Zingen

From the Boulevard Roosevelt to the Pabeierbierg, almost 700 kilometers of racing. Five days all out to prove oneself on Luxembourgish roads start tomorrow with the prologue in the city center of Luxembourg City. In previous years results have been well in the traditional opener, so logically expectations are high for this year as well. On Thursday, the first stage of the tour takes the riders from Luxembourg City to Hesperange, where the organisation came up with a rather difficult final around the Côte de Syren (900m at 6%, max, 14%) that will have to be taken four times. Stage two from Rosport to Schifflange has a finish on a nasty uphill section of 400 meters with an average gradient of 13%. One can already expect the first GC contenders to be in the front here.

In the weekend, the race heads up North to start the third stage in Eschweiler before coming all the way back South in a stage that has numerous altitude meters to be covered. In the final, the Col de l’Europe will play a major role in the battle for both the stage win and the overall lead. Everyone that has lost time in this difficult stage will have one more chance to redeem theirselves. In the closing stage, starting traditionally in Mersch, the peloton heads back to Luxembourg City where the local laps around the rather steep Pabeierbierg will leave no room for discussion. Only the strongest riders will be able to fight for glory here. For Leopard Pro Cycling, Alexander Krieger hopes to be one of those strong guys.

Alexander Krieger: “As a Luxembourgish UCI Continental Team, the Skoda Tour de Luxembourg is our highlight of the season. Also for me the race is important, since it’s a hors categorie race. Tomorrow we start with a prologue. I have been good there in the past, so I also want to have a good performance this time and then we will see things day by day. The first stage to Hesperange looks good for me as I gained good confidence in my sprint in the last races. The stages to Schifflange and Differdange will be hard, but also manageable for me. My goal is to finish in the top 10 in the GC, as I was already fourteenth last year. We have a strong team at the start. For example Szymon showed his good shape with a fourth place at Circuit de Wallonie, but also last year he was strong in Luxembourg. We have to find each other as a team and then we can for sure make a good perfomance all week long with hopefully some podiums.”

30.05 | Prologue Luxembourg City (2,3 km)
31.05 | Luxembourg-Hesperange (186,7 km)
01.06 | Rosport-Schifflange (170,1 km)
02.06 | Eschweiler-Differdange (163,8 km)
03.06 | Mersch-Luxembourg (176,0 km)