cycling news / Solid start at Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux

The Leopard Pro Cycling Team has had a solid start at Le Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux. In the first stage the Estonian Aksel Nõmmela sprinted to sixth place after Tom Wirtgen was in the breakaway. One day later, Patrick Olesen was very active in the front of the race.

On Friday, the race started with a stage from Antoing to Hérinnes. During this 165 kilometers long stage, the team did a very good job. When a big group went on the attack, Tom Wirtgen decided to join the fun. However, the gap always stayed between 1′ and 1’30, because of too much teams that were interested in a mass sprint finish. Due to this organized chase, the breakaway was caught after which Tom was not able to stay with the peloton. In this peloton, Aksel Nõmmela managed to sprint to a sixth place. Unfortunately, we lost Fábio Silvestre today. The Portugese was not able to finish the stage as he was not fully recovered from his sickness after Tour de Normandie.

Results Le Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux | Stage 1
6. Aksel Nõmmela (EST)
48. Patrick Olesen (DEN)
76. Pit Schlechter (LUX)
111. Tom Wirtgen (LUX) + 1’45”
128. Massimo Morabito (LUX) + 12’07”
DNF. Fábio Silvestre (POR)

Stage two was a very hard one with a finish on the Mont d’Enclus. In the beginning of the race there were plenty attacks, but no one was able to maintain a lead. Aksel Nõmmela punctured at a very bad moment, but the team managed to bring him back to the peloton. Then Patrick attacked and gathered some points for the mountain classification in which he is now second. Our Dane stayed long in the front, but everything came back together with just ten kilometers to go. Hereafter seventeen guys went on the attack – without a Leopard rider – who fought for the stage win.

“We have some mixed feelings about the start here in Belgium. Of course the sixth place of Aksel Nõmmela is a good result and the attack of Patrick was a very clever move. Also I am happy with the performace of Pit Schlechter as he showed his class as a loyal teamplayer again. He kept Aksel, Patrick and Tom out of the wind and brought them into the right positions in the difficult final. But in the end, it’s not ideal that there went a group away who stayed in front until the finish line. Therefore, a good overall finish will be very difficult. However, there are still two stages left tomorrow, in which we will give it our all,” concludes Team Manager Markus Zingen.

Results Le Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux | Stage 2
24. Aksel Nõmmela (EST) + 0’42”
35. Tom Wirtgen (LUX) + 0’42”
37. Patrick Olesen (DEN) + 0’42”
114 Pit Schlechter (LUX) + 8’18”
126. Massimo Morabito (LUX) + 9’48”

General Classification after two stages
20. Patrick Olesen (DEN) + 0’50”
23. Aksel Nõmmela (EST) + 0’53”
71. Tom Wirtgen (LUX) + 2’38”
101 Pit Schlechter (LUX) + 8’29”
128. Massimo Morabito (LUX) + 22’06”