cycling news / Two Belgian races coming up for Leopard

With great news in the back of the mind, Leopard Pro Cycling heads to Belgium to have a go in two races: GP Monseré (UCI 1.1) on Saturday and GP Fauville (UCI 1.2) on Sunday.

ROSTER GP Jean-Pierre Monseré: Jan Brockhoff, Konrad Gessner, Alexander Krieger, Pit Leyder, Gaëtan Pons, Jens Reynders & Mario Spengler – DS: Gregor Willwohl

Heading into the 7th edition of the GP Jean-Pierre Monseré, one can prepare for a classic Flanders type of race. Starting in the historic city of Ieper, the riders will first head southwest into the famous In Flanders Fields area, before coming back to Ieper and continue their way to Roeselare. After 150 kilometers, the race will pass the finish line for the first time. From here, there are still four local laps of almost eleven kilometers each left, resulting in a total racing distance of 192,9 kilometers. All participants will for sure want to put their name on the list of previous winners that has big names like Jürgen Roelandts and Lars Boom on it. To be able to do this, one has to be able to survive at least the three climbs on the road which are the Monteberg, the Vierstraat and the well-known Kemmelberg.

ROSTER GP Albert Fauville: Jan Brockhoff, Alexander Krieger, Filip Maciejuk, Gaëtan Pons, Jens Reynders, Pit Schlechter & Mario Spengler – DS: Gregor Willwohl

Only one day later, Leopard Pro Cycling will start in the GP Albert Fauville. Being one of the five UCI Continental Teams, the team will not shy away from taking responsibility. The race starts with a big loop around from and to Wanfercée Baulet. In this bigger loop, eight cobbled sections are posted which could already force some breaks in the race. With 60 kilometers to go, the race will come to the finish line for the first time, after which the strongest guys will fight for the victory on the not to underestimated local circuit.

07.07 | Ieper – Roeselare (192,9 km)
08.07 | Wanfercée Baulet – Wanfercée Baulet (168,4 km)